Vocalise Rachmaninov Natalie Dessay Vocal Problems

In our series of unsung concertos, here comes a composition that is actually sung but the words are not articulated! As we all know, the human voice has long been considered the quintessential musical instrument. Capable of producing an intricate array of sounds over an extended vocal range, the tone of the voice may be modulated to suggest a wide variety of emotions. Beginning in the 17th century, the French composers Jean-Baptiste Lully and Jean-Philippe Rameau wrote vocal exercises without words, which could be sung on one or more vowel sounds. And if you ever walked through a vocal studio or listened to an opera singer warming up, you know exactly what I mean! Primarily a pedagogical tool to improve vocal technique, these short wordless songs gradually became known as “Vocalise.”

Following in the footsteps of Sergei Rachmaninoff, Nikolai Medtner and Igor Stravinsky, the Soviet composer Reinhold Glière (1875-1956) wrote his “Vocalise” in 1943. However, Glière’s composition is crucially different from those of his predecessors. Rather than relying on a simple piano accompaniment, Glière utilizes a symphony orchestra and ultimately turns his Vocalise into a full-scale concerto. Dedicated to the Russian cellist Sviatoslav Knushevitsky, the Concerto in F Minor for Coloratura Soprano and Orchestra is cast in two movements. Surprisingly, Glière gives no instruction about the type of vocal sounds required, and there are no provisions in the score for actually taking a breath. In the absence of text, musical expression is left entirely up to the soprano. In fact, the whole composition is conceived as though the voice was an instrument of almost limitless possibilities. From the highly melancholy and lyrical “Andante” to the good-natured and humorous vocal brilliance of the “Allegro,” Glière fashioned a highly unusual composition full of ornamented arabesques and delicate vocal gymnastics. The work is reasonably popular, with every aspiring high-school soprano around the world taking a vocal stab! I hope, I will be forgiven for including this sung concerto under the “unsung concerto” heading!

Reinhold Glière: Concerto in F Minor for Coloratura Soprano and Orchestra, Op. 82
1st movement

2nd movement

This piece isn't so much 'vocalize', but it gives the same thrill and emotion as quality vocalize..



She's the female background on the back-left in this video.. Sounds like she's three singers simyltaneous...


This song has some super vocalize near the end.. I made it into a loop with Audacity and Sound Converter...
Youtube surf 'Ubuntu Studio-16 demo', 'Audacity demo', and 'sound converter'.. If you aren't familiar with Linux, Google surf Sourceforge and Distrowatch.. Linux is Free and Easy..


(minute 4:25) I made a loop of it.. I asked to her make it into an hour cut.. Got zero response as usual.. If she did, I wager it could heal humanity's busted spirits, hate, and fried minds..


I can't get enough of this background singer's voice.. I emailed the Tokens, asking about her.. They replied that they lost track of her after the recording sessions.. I wish I could get a copy of her practice tapes.. I wish I could find similar music...



This lady has the vocalize perfection, but not vocalize, yet.. WOW!.. and WOW!!



This video was taken-off the Net.. I don't know why.. You might be able to listen to it somewhere if you're lucky.. It doesn't get any better than this.. I was lucky to get a copy of the video..
It makes me fell so much love, freedom, purity, innocence, and youth inside.. Words can't do it justice.. We don't have the words.. This is probably the best piece of music in humanity...
I'm guessing the comments section of the YouTube video became raunchy, so mummy and daddy pulled it from the Net.. I wager this wee lass is an old soul reincarnate.. Her music is angelic, pure, deep, honest, absolute, perfection, alive, seemingly full of love for everything, and she gives it her ALL.. I hope she never gets into coke.. Coke is suicide on all levels...

Unbelievable! 12 Years Old Girl Sing In Beauty Contest Stunning Performance! [360p]
It's gone.. We will be hearing her in the future...

Those deleted videos slots was it.. It's gone.. So sad that it's gone...


Do you have any similar links..?

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