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Summary of Jonathan Kozol's, On Being a Teacher, and Botstein's Interview, Why High School Must Go

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The trivialization of high school in the present educational organization for teens has been posited in the public; however, it is one vital issue that is being debated.
Is it really right for high schools to be abolished from the teen’s system of education? This question has been a vital issue in the present age educational structure. According to research carried out by many educational researchers lately, it was discovered that the two-year high schooling scheme is irrelevant and obsolete in the learning structure for teen’s, and should be abolished from their system of education or scheme of learning.
Botstein once argued in his book Jefferson’s Children that “the American high school are obsolete”. In detail, the dissemination…show more content…

Consequently, the rational step taken is to deconsecrate schools into outwardly irreversible place of esteemed value of social order (Kozol, 3). He further noted many ways of opening the issue in complete observation of the class, which he believed can be attained by the quotation of many respected people’s word, such as Horace Mann who was diffident in articulating the real utility of public schools. Nonetheless, he also provided some other ways of embarking on this which he conscientiously noted that has exposed their conjecture of public schools as adults (Kozol, 4). Additionally, he said the best way of achieving this is by disseminating this purpose to students through dialogue as recommended by Doris Lessing (Kozol 4). Finally, he stated that there is no deceit of learning to be a responsive, affectionate or sympathetic person.
Simultaneously, in the second chapter of kozols script which is titled “First Person singular and Plural” He stated that the students are to be taught to speak in a polite and understandable approach, and if in any way the word comes out as rude or impatient, the teacher is at liberty to correct the student (Kozol, 10). Additionally, it is inaccurate to epitomize a student's intolerable conduct, since they impact more ideas into a dormant brain.
Consequently, we are made to understand that the teachers are also human beings with feelings and wishes. They too are free to articulate

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Jonathan Kozol’s Fremont High School Essay

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Jonathan Kozol’s Fremont High School

Schools lacking social utilities that are needed to promote the academic status of its students is an issue. Whether these utilities should be kept opened or closed is widely debated in most communities. The condition of such schools is an important issue because it determines the future of its students academically. Some issues facing schools include social, public and economical issues; this essay will consider arguments concerning the social, public and economical causes of this problem through the use of Jonathan Kozol's "TITLE OF ARTICLE", as well as the discussion of the reasons why some schools do not receive sufficient funds to care for public schools.

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The direct opposite of private schools is public schools that are free. These are generally poorly constructed and in lower income neighborhoods. These schools lack many of important structures to aid students in their academics, and even in most cases, they have less qualified people as instructors. Public schools are run by the government or its agency to my understanding. If that is the case, we are all witnesses to budget cuts that often go on in most countries including the United States. Such economic problems will eventually affect the public school system more than a private one due to private schools being managed by private agents who have many outside sources to fund the school. This is unlike the public ones which are managed by the government where anything negative that comes up due to its finances effects every learning institution in the end due to its dependence on the government for its funding. Comparing this to Kozol’s article, we can tell that Fremont High School is a Public School located in a lower income neighborhood.

Mostly ghettos are places or sections of a city, that are a thickly populated slum area inhabited predominantly by members of an ethnic, or other minority groups, as a result of social or economic restrictions, pressures or hardships. Ghettos also are places that do not have career oriented jobs but in most cases, they only offer trade jobs like sewing, hairdressing and carpentry. We can tell from

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