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VCAA School-based Assessment Audit Process

For all Victorian VCE teachers of VCE Accounting, Business Management, Economics and Legal Studies, the Victoria Curriculum and Assessment Authority provides a detailedarticle outlining the VCAA School-based assessment audit process.

Each year the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) conducts an audit of school-assessed coursework. This article explains the process and provides advice for completing the survey and developing SAC tasks. It also provides some general feedback from the State Reviewers of VCE Accounting, Business Management, Economics, Industry & Enterprise and Legal Studies to help you implement assessment more effectively.

A must read, for full details and to download the article click here.

Why does the VCAA audit?
Audits are an important part of the VCAA’s relationship with schools. The audit provides the VCAA with the opportunity to:

  • ensure that school-based assessment is conducted in line with VCAA principles of assessment and the requirements of the study design
  • check that school-assessed coursework tasks are designed appropriately to allow students to achieve the outcomes
  • gather feedback about how curriculum and assessment are implemented.

To access the full article click here.

ACHPER Victoria has a series of resources for VCE PE, HHD, OES and VET Sport and Recreation.

All 2018 ACHPER SACs have now been released.

Our School-Assessed Coursework Resources (SACs) for VCE PE, HHD and OES, provide a range of tasks for student assessment and supporting teaching and learning in Units 1, 2, 3 and 4 areas of study.

ACHPER VCE resources are unique editions each year and are based on the CURRENT (2018) study designs for each Unit and subject.

These packs are written by teams of practicing VCE teachers and include:

  • two sample SACs, including suggested answers, for each outcome;
  • different formats for example: Case Study Analysis and Practical Laboratory Report.

Which SACs are available to purchase in 2018?

  • Unit 1 PE, HHD and OES
  • Unit 2 PE, HHD and OES
  • Unit 3 PE, HHD and OES
  • Unit 4 PE, HHD and OES

Unit Packs: Subject and Unit (ie PE Unit 1 Pack)
ACHPER Members: $80
Non-Members: $120

Note: Member discounts are linked to the individual (not schools) so please login to receive your member discount.

How do you receive the resources?
Your copies of the ACHPER Victoria resources (which have been released for use by ACHPER) will be available on the website ( for you to download in PDF format.

To access your copies, login to the ACHPER Victorian Branch website ( and REFRESH then click on the RESOURCE tab.

Click on the relevant download and the package/s you have purchased will be displayed for you to save on your school system wherever you like.

Click HERE for detailed instructions on how to access your resources online

Note: Teachers are reminded of the following directive from the VCAA when using these SACs:

  • Where commercially produced tasks are being used for school-based assessment, it is the responsibility of the school to ensure the tasks meet the requirements of the study design and that modifications are made for authentication purposes. (VCE Administrative handbook (page 74, section 1.3)

or download the 2018 Order Form

If you have any questions please contact us on (03) 9274 8900 or email Kerrie Borrie for assistance.

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