Skills Excel Chapter 2 Grader Project Homework 2

Skills-based Exams: A realistic, open simulation of Microsoft Office allows students to complete an activity exactly as it is taught in the textbook or by using just about any method the actual Office applications will accept. Students can explore and navigate the Office applications without penalty unless they commit to an incorrect action. Each student can complete the Skills-Based Exam up to 5 times with their best score counted. Additionally, students have 10 attempts in completing a task within the skills-based exam. The difference between the Training and Skills-B ased Exams are that the training includes the “Show Me” and “Hints” options for assistance, while Skills-Based Exams do not. Grader Assignments: With Grader, students’ complete assignments live in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access, and then submit for immediate grading by the MyITlab grading engine. Student can work on the Grader assignment, and then upload for grading. If the score is less than what the student desires, they can take the same file and make corrections and upload again. The file can be uploaded three times in all with the highest grade counted. For specific Grader assignment instructions, click the following link scroll to: Student Instructions: Working with Grader in myITlab and click to open the PDF file.

Excel Chapter 2 Grader Project [Homework] This activity is past due. Description This activity requires students to submit a project that they have completed in the live Office 2007 environment. Students must download the starting files available below, and then follow the instructional steps to finish the project. Students must then upload the project file for automatic grading. Detailed feedback and grades on the submitted project are then made available via the myitlab gradebook and submission report screen. Download Starting Materials Work on Assignment If you would like to work offline, please click on "Return to Course Content" above and then log out of your course. When you have completed the assignment, return to this activity to upload the file for grading. Upload Completed Assignment Instructions Before you begin, please read through instructions below. Step Instructions Point Value 1 Start Excel. Open the downloaded Excel file named chap2_cap_housing.xlsx . 4

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