Essay On Street Hawkers

A Street Hawker

We find street hawkers in every city. They are a common feature of a city life. They belong to the poor section of the city population and they cannot afford much to invest or pay for the shop rend usually. Therefore, they sell their goods in the streets.

The streets are usually alive with shouts since morning the hawkers are found selling vegetables and fruits. They sometimes carry baskets on their heads and shout loudly the vegetables or fruits that they carry. Thus, the house- wives, who cannot afford to go to the distant market, buy vegetables and fruits from the street hawker. The street hawkers have fresh and green vegetables that they sell in the street of a big town or a big city. The house –wives wait for them. They get vegetables at comparatively cheap rates also. They wait for the street hawkers curiously.

But during the whole day we find a large number of hawkers. They bring other goods to sell. Sometimes they bring sweets and other dainties for the children and the ladies living in afar off streets. They use ‘Vanaspati Ghee’ or oil and sour sauce. Such palatable things find favour with woman living in cities. During summer season the women and children wait for ice cream sellers. They come out of their houses with money and get the eatables that they like. They buy ice- balls. They suck it in their mouths and enjoy much. The children also get such eatables. The mothers cannot resist their children at all and they pay for buying such things for them.    

We find hawkers in the streets selling the goods that are required by the people for use in their houses. They carry articles that are inferior in quality. These are mostly cheap and third-rate articles that are brought by the women- folk. Thus, the women- folk are entrapped by the street hawkers to buy these cheap articles for use in their homes. They find the articles in attractive colours and they do not know much about their quality.

A street hawker lives a hard life. Even the poor buy their articles. They are the petty customers of them. A street Hawker lives a life which is very hard. He can earn money that can hardly support him. He can hardly make his both ends meet. He leads an adventures life. Like a poor man he work is all through the day and thus he supports his children.


Essay No. 02

The Street Hawker

Many housewives these days have grown lethargic. They avoid going to the market to make purchases. Moreover, when the street hawkers are there to provide them with all the essential commodities at their door steps, why should they waste their time and energy in going to the market?

Street hawkers can frequently be seen in streets in almost all the cities and even small towns. They sell all kinds of goods from cosmetics, artificial jewellery, vegetables and fruits to blankets, mats, etc. Usually they raise loud voices to invite the customers.

I’m here talking about a particular street hawker. His name is Ramu. He sells vegetables. He has been visiting our street for the past about one decade. He visits our street regularly. During the last many years, he must have missed to come just once or twice when he was laid up with fever. Otherwise, he comes without fail in sun and shower and even when the weather is stormy or frosty. Visiting streets to sell his wares seems to be his mission, though it also means that he is always living from hand to mouth and has to starve if he misses his journey into the streets even for a single day.

As soon as Ramu comes in the street and raises his voice crying for his wares, the housewives rush towards him to purchase vegetables. He is very particular about the quality of goods. He sells fresh and green vegetables. He never gives short measures as other vendors do. His rates are a bit on the higher side but his customers do not mind it.

In spite of doing hard labour, he cannot afford to wear good clothes. He is very sweethearted and is somewhat jocular at occasions. People, housewives in particular, like him very much and consider it a privilege to make purchases from him.   

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For Bob Bowen, on August 14th at the Antioch Library Reading

Who will speak for the fruit
Abundant in the summer harvest?
This guy on the corner of San Gabriel

And First, wearing his red baseball cap
Backward, salutes us with a bag
Of cherries and leaps into traffic

With a jaunty hand. Who will speak
For crates of oranges ripened on the tree,
For the great waves of zucchini

Trucking to the markets. And when the markets
Turn them away, for the workers who take in
These fruity orphans and lift them up

On each summer corner
Like a flag, like a shield, like some
Dangling offer of surrender?

In median strips
Beside shut Volvo windows,
Along the routes of our endlessly going

These orphans and these vegetables,
These fruits and these orphans
In our country, in our America

With supplications and with foreign mouths
With winnowing eyes, and with calloused hands
Every day ripening, on every corner.

Who will speak for this abundance, for this
Crop of summer that no one is
buying? Will you speak? Or you?

Will I?

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