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Helping The Homeless. Essay

Homelessness is everywhere, it is not a new trend and is a growing problem. Many people ask themselves should I help the homeless or not; it is easier to just ignore the problem than to give a helping hand. Every person needs help at one point or another in their life and homeless people should be no different. Assisting the homeless with healthcare, housing, and childcare are ways people are able to and should help the homeless.
Many homeless people do not have access to healthcare and they go many years without seeing a doctor. According to Fitzpatrick, “there is a clear and defined need for healthcare for homeless people and their families.” She is right, it todays society homelessness is just ignored by many people and has became a serious problem. Most of society does not know about the organizations that help the homeless. For example, Fitapatrick believes in a organization called The Opening Doors Project it is a group of nurses and other health professionals that look at substance abuse within the homeless community. Due to not seeing a doctor and the common knowledge of homeless people abusing drugs and alcohol, “homeless people can have complex and multiple health problems” (Who quoted it). Not everyone agrees with Fitzpatrick, “I am convinced that handouts are basically wrongheaded,” says Sherman. She believes giving anything to the homeless will not help change the homeless persons situation (Sherman). Sherman's advice does not make sence, ignoring the problem will not help either and without proper medical care there is no way to improve homeless health which will cause many people to die a unessary death. According to Hopper, “generative forces behind widespread homelessness runs deep and their correction will require costly public action”. Helping homeless people with medical care ___. Homeless people can have many medical problems and without proper care they will only get sicker. Homelessness can have different problems due to poor living conditions like ((lack of shelter, malnourishment)).
Most people know that homeless shelters are around to help the homeless population have a warm place to sleep, but the condition on the shelters are a unknown problem. Hopper believes some of the shelters are not fit for human habitation. She thinks a organization such as the National Coalition for the Homeless and the National Law Center on Homelessness and poverty help the homeless with housing and other ways (Hopper). Having help with housing can get a homeless person back on track and into a better lifestyle. “To demand less would be to betray both the trust of the homeless constituents and the lesson of research” (Hopper). Hopper is right, just because a person is homeless does not mean they deserve less help than someone...

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837 words - 3 pages Many of us associate the word "homeless" with drug addicts, alcoholics, and criminals while fully understanding that many of the homeless are men and women like the rest of us who lost their homes after being hit by hard times or tragedies. We brand the homeless as being a passive and lazy breed because doing so makes it easier to turn away from the...

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  • The government should help.

    The government should help because I have family members that live on the streets and they have mental disabilities. Some cant work for them selves and they need there medication to live. I truly believe that with some help they can get back up on there feet and start to work again.

  • They should support the homeless

    Everyone is human even the government the government is for the people. Without us there is no government. And shelters could be built for homeless and with our resources that would be simple and you dont have to pay many people support the homeless. We could save our fellow brothers and sisters we could build shelters all over the world build families save lives and for the greedy government thats more people paying taxes and paying bills! Just remember were all here for a reason prove that you could save lives please

  • Absolutely

    The government is for the people, not just those who have made the best decisions and made no mistakes. our country has enough resources that none of its citizens should be without a home. they may have made mistakes and may not be completely sane or have job skills, but they are human, and many simply need a helping hand or a second chance. It is the governments duty to help them.

  • We are all people and deserve

    To have a place where we can call home and not a matures under a high way. U have to think some homeless people served our country and are there because when they came back they had nothing. Some homeless people deserve homes and not where they are now. Once you fall it's hard to get back up.

  • The government should do more for the homeless.

    The true measure of a society is how it treats it's most vulnerable members. Therefore, the government should be doing much more than it is for the homeless population. It's absolutely shameful that in a country as wealthy as ours, we have citizens living on the streets. They need help and understanding, and they need it from their government.

  • They should support the homeless

    Everyone is human even the government the government is for the people. Without us there is no government. And shelters could be built for homeless and with our resources that would be simple and you dont have to pay many people support the homeless. We could save our fellow brothers and sisters we could build shelters all over the world build families save lives and for the greedy government thats more people paying taxes and paying bills! Just remember were all here for a reason prove that you could save lives please

  • Saves money to help them

    Saves taxpayers money to have the government help the homeless because of simple basic health needs. Homeless in the streets with medical conditions end up in the emergency room, and of course can't pay for the bills. After a homeless person leaves that hospital the government picks up the bill for them, and one night in the hospital is a month's rent for someone else. It's not just a humane thing to do, but it can save money for every taxpayer.

  • Not all are beggars

    I know many people that are considered homeless because they do not live in their own homes , but they work their buts off , sometimes they have jobs it just hard for them to afford a place to stay they should be helped . Its inhuman to leave people of our country to live on the streets. It is so cruel to them to just leave them and not even try not to help.

  • The government should help

    It is not anyone's choice to be in such terrible circumstances, it is a multitude of occurrences that are unique to each individual causing homelessness. An individual cannot get out of homelessness alone, thus they need supports. The government can help the homeless in many ways if services, intervention initiatives, and enough financial aide were allocated appropriately. Handing out money only puts a temporary band-aide on the issue of homelessness ,therefore government and communities must work together.

  • Many homeless because of lost jobs

    Todays economy, changing technology, and outsourcing has put many people out of work. Companies will not provide training as they once did and trying to find a job today is impossible, Whether you are recently out of school with a degree or a middle aged person with years of experience (as in my case), you will not find a job so quickly, if ever. The government is doing nothing to rectify this problem. So, without a steady income people are losing their homes and security. Not all homeless people are drunks or drug addicts. So, in my opinion, yes, the government should take responsibility for helping the homeless. Stop outsourcing jobs overseas, require companies to provide on-the-job training and give the companies incentives to hire people who have lost their jobsI have over 25 years experience as a legal secretary and am 61 years old. I have been unemployed for over 2 1/2 years and cannot find a job. I am close to losing my home and all I have worked for all those years. Believe me - it's no laughing matter and it's a terrifying experience. Until the government fixes this problem, they should take responsibility.

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