Life Is Like An Ice Cream Enjoy It Before It Melts Essays

Kimaya R.
Carmel, IN

Condensed milk, cocoa, cream, and vanilla simmer into a genial blend against the tar background of the saucepan. The mixture soon spills into the ice cream maker alongside a handful of almonds and a sizable portion of marshmallows.

As a reward for my culinary efforts, rocky road ice cream soon materializes in front of me. As I greedily attack the frozen creation, my younger sister is momentarily distracted by the white peeking out of the chocolate mounds.

"Are those marshmallow and almonds?" she asks inquisitively.

I nod my head in affirmation.

"Hmm ... you know, you are just like your ice cream," she muses.

"Go on," I encourage, amused.

"Well, some people may think you’re kind of plain — nice, friendly, familiar. The kind of person people turn to for comfort, like the chocolate part of the ice cream. But then your quirks emerge. The marshmallows showcase your gooey, romantic side. Genuinely sweet, but sensitive, and easily impacted by those around you. Then, there’s the almond side of you. You’re dependable and shrewdly intelligent. You’re healthy for those around you — you restore the logic when we become frustrated by our problems. Some people don’t like you because they are scared of anything unique and interesting, but those closest to you can think of no better combination. Like the name suggests, it’s never boring with you in our lives.”

I laugh at my sister’s offhand wisdom and hug her as we continue to contentedly savor our homemade ice cream.​


Know that the worldly life is only play, and distraction, and glitter, and boasting among you, and rivalry in wealth and children. It is like a rainfall that produces plants, and delights the disbelievers. But then it withers, and you see it yellowing, and then it becomes debris. While in the Hereafter there is severe agony, and forgiveness from God, and acceptance. The life of this world is nothing but enjoyment of vanity.

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