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A Essay Topic for Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol- Charles Dickens Essay topics: 1. Scrooge is motivated by more than just greed in A Christmas Carol. Discuss 2. Scrooge’s nephew is Dickens model for how we should conduct ourselves according to the true spirit of Christmas. Do you agree? 3. Tiny Tim is the main catalyst for Scrooge’s change in A Christmas Carol. Do you agree? 4. The main theme of A Christmas Carol is Ignorance. Discuss 5. Scrooge doesn’t care about the poor in A Christmas Carol because he has no experience of poverty. Discuss 6. The narrator is just as important a character in A Christmas Carol, as Scrooge, his nephew or Tiny Tim.

Discuss 7. Each ghost marks an important step in Scrooge’s journey towards being a better person. Explain 8. Scrooge has to understand the lives of others before he can understand his own. Discuss 9. Why is ‘Doom’ written on the brow of Ignorance? 10. Tiny Tim is at the centre of A Christmas Carol . Do you agree? 11. Dickens shows the reader that the important things in life cannot be measured. Discuss 12. The main character in this story is Christmas itself. Do you agree? 13. Scrooge is the real hero of A Christmas Carol. Do you agree? 14. Scrooge changes when he recognizes that he is not alone. Do you agree? 5. A Christmas Carol suggests that there are different kinds of poverty. To what extent do you agree? 16. Although it is a ghost story, A Christmas Carol is an uplifting tale. Do you agree? 17. How does Dickens express the need for widespread social reform in A Christmas Carol? Discuss 18. A Christmas Carol is a cliched old moral fable with no possible relevance to readers of the twenty-first century. Discuss 19. The novella is more about social life in London than it is about Scrooge. Discuss 20. The human in A Christmas Carol serves no purpose. Discuss 21. Scrooge is a minor character in his own novel.

Discuss 22. What role does social criticism play in A Christmas Carol? To what extent is the story a social commentary? 23. Dickens really only reveals the ugly nature of mankind in A Christmas Carol. Do you agree? 24. Scrooge is selfish throughout the entire novel. He only really is ever concerned with how he will be affected by his actions. Do you agree? 25. How does Dickens represent wealth in A Christmas Carol? Discuss 26. Why is Fred so keen to connect with Scrooge? 27. In the novel, A Christmas Carol, the minor characters have the greatest impact on both Scrooge and the reader. Do you agree?

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A Essay Topic for Christmas Carol

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