Family Of The Future Essay

Probably everyone has their own idea of the ideal family and their views about the family in general. I’ll tell you what I think about it. In my opinion, the ideal family should begin with “laying the foundation” of their own relations, also with the confidence and understanding to each other. In any family should prevail friendly atmosphere, along with love and mutual respect for all its members. Ideal family it is when they always support you in every difficult moment and is no matter what. Ideal family it is when despite everything going on around, including of all the possible issues with all global and family problems, disorders, scandals and quarrels you continue to be one strong and solid family. As for the future, in my opinion, the ideal family of the future consists in informing all the values of a culture from nowadays of your heirloom in next generation. Now I am a part of such a great family. And I am very grateful to my parents for it. Also, I hope that my “ideal family of the future” will correspond of my idea about ​​it, and I will try to do everything possible that all it happens.

...Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923) The IdealFamily: Interpretation The story under study was written by Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923), a British novelist and short-story writer, closely associated with D.H. Lawrence and something of a rival of Virginia Woolf. Mansfield's creative years were burdened with loneliness, illness, jealousy, alienation – all this reflected in her work with the bitter depiction of marital and family relationships of her middle-class characters, as well as subtle changes in human behavior. Our task is now to see whether or not this story, “The IdealFamily,” is an exception. To begin with, I’d like to attract your attention to the title. At first sight, it’s quite clear in meaning, as the story itself is indeed about a family that everyone considered to be an exemplary one: so happy and united it seemed. But, as a matter of fact, this prosperity was apparent, and the family with so many problems as the one spoken about can only ironically be called “ideal.” In this respect, the title is closely related to the major theme of the story, which can be formulated as an opposition of semblance and real facts, following that “all is not gold that glitters,” as the famous proverb warns. At this point, I’d like to introduce you the plot itself. In “The IdealFamily” we’re told about an episode from the life of Mr....

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