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Essay on health and modern lifestyle

Essay on health and modern lifestyle next page awesome essay conclusions best paper writing service essay proposal. Essay on health hazards caused by junk food essay on henry longfellow in the romantic period essay on heritage tourism essay on high gas prices essay on hollywood. 10 common effects of modern lifestyle on health an increase in habits and addictions the presence of a modern lifestyle has brought about and increase in. Article on modern lifestyle and health hazards in the present modern life style modern lifestyle and health hazards. Essay on health and modern lifestyle - lifestyle - mens health, career, and relationship advice. The modern family lifestyle olimpia d vargas english 81/vf1 professor: hazar h shehadeh south texas college [ october 24, 2011 ] abstract nowadays.

Modern health hazards,dangers arising for the man ,made circumstances that threaten the well being of humans environmentthese are normally hazard arising from the. The food habits and unhealthy lifestyle are the main according to statistics of the world health organization essay on health of modern life. Essay on health and modern lifestyle, essay expository theme, descriptive writing essay funfair, highschool essay on biodiversity created date.

Lifestyle diseases: top papers & essays essay on modern lifestyle affecting health health & medical modern lifestyle, a threat to young people the new scientist. Health essay titles more and more people are suffering from health problems caused by a modern life style which cannot be treated with modern medicines.

  • Writing an essay unit 12 people don´t realise that modern life can endanger our health in many ways it is difficult to have a healthy lifestyle because.
  • Read the ielts junk food essay recent research shows that the consumption of junk food is a major factor in poor diet and this is detrimental to health modern.
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The modern lifestyle has a number of advantages this essay has been different modern life style patterns affects our health in different. The food habits and unhealthy lifestyle are the main 6 responses to modern life style habits and health niceessay on health of modern life. Extracts from this document introduction modern studies essay lifestyle andrew cummings throughout the past years, our lifestyle has changed dramatically.

Essay on health and modern lifestyle

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Essay on health and modern lifestyle mediafiles





- cell specific aspects of innate immunity in cardiovascular

  disease – in vivo models and translational aspects


- platelets beyond thrombosis – contribution to

  inflammation and tissue remodelling (KFO 274 – Platelets

  basic mechanisms and translational applications)

- antigen presenting cells in vascular inflammation and

  atherosclerosis (Lichtenberg Professorship)

- the complement system and vascular inflammation/


- neurovascular inflammation

- heart failure and innate immunity

- translational aspects of interventional therapy for mitral



Research focus

Our team is interested in molecular and translational aspects of cardiovascular diseases. In particular, we try to understand the immunology of cardiovascular pathologies with focus on vascular inflammation and cells of the innate immune system. We apply integrated approaches from in vitro cell systems to in vivo mouse models and seek to transfer our results to relevant clinical questions with diagnostic or therapeutic implications.

As mouse models we investigate mechanisms in atherosclerosis, vascular injury and angiogesis using transgenic mice or mice with genetic deficiencies. Moreover, we apply in vivo models to assess cell specific mechanisms and study cell types important for inflammation such as platelets or dendritic cells. Importantly, wen try to transfer bench findings to clinical settings such as acute coronary syndrom, acute or chronic heart failure.



Marcus Olbrich, PostDoc

Sonja Ebenhoech

Frederic Emschermann

Manuela Sauter

Rebecca Schleicher

Ying Ying Zhang



Sarah Gekeler


Clinical cardiologists

Dr. med. Johannes Patzelt


Medical Students

cand. med. Henry Nording

cand. med. Matthias Mezger

cand. med. Philipp Maier

cand. med. Joel Niethammer


Previous students

Dr. med. Eva Rett

Dr. med. Gregor Braun

Dr. med. Reinhard Sauter


Selected Publications

Todt F, Cakir Z, Reichenbach F, Emschermann F, Lauterwasser J, Kaiser A, Ichim G, Tait SW,

Frank S, Langer HF, Edlich F. Differential retrotranslocation of mitochondrial Bax and Bak. EMBO

J. 2015 Jan 2;34(1):67-80. Epub 2014 Nov 5.


Chatterjee M, Borst O, Walker B, Fotinos A, Vogel S, Seizer P, Mack A, Alampour-Rajabi S, Rath

D, Geisler T, Lang F, Langer HF, Bernhagen J, Gawaz M. Macrophage migration inhibitory factor

limits activation-induced apoptosis of platelets via CXCR7-dependent Akt signaling. Circ Res.

2014 Nov ;115(11):939-49. Epub 2014 Sep 29.


Lonsdorf AS, Kraemer BF, Fahrleitner M, Schoenberger T, Gnerlich S, Ring S, Gehring S,

Schneider SW, Kruhlak MJ, Meuth SG, Nieswandt B, Gawaz M, Enk AH, Langer HF.

Engagement of αIIbβ3 (GPIIb/IIIa) with ανβ3 mediates interaction of melanoma cells with

platelets - a connection to hematogeneous metastasis. J Biol Chem. 2012. 287:2168-2178. Epub

2011 Nov 18.


Stellos K, Sauter R, Fahrleitner M, Grimm J, Stakos D, Emschermann F, Panagiota V, Gnerlich

S, Perk A, Schönberger T, Bigalke B, Langer HF#, Gawaz M.# Binding of oxidized-LDL on

circulating platelets is increased in patients with acute coronary syndromes and induces platelet

adhesion on vascular wall in vivo. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol, 2012 Aug;32(8):2017-20.

Epub 2012 Jun 14


Langer HF, Choi EY, Zhou H, Schleicher R, Chung KJ, Tang Z, Göbel K, Bdeir K, Chatzigeorgiou

A, Wong C, Bhatia S, Kruhlak MJ, Rose JW, Burns JB, Hill KE, Qu H, Zhang Y, Lehrmann E,

Becker KG, Wang Y, Simon DI, Nieswandt B, Lambris JD, Li X, Meuth SG, Kubes P, Chavakis T.

Platelets Contribute to the Pathogenesis of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis. Circ

Res. 2012;110(9):1202-10. Epub 2012 Mar 27.


Langer HF, Chung KJ, Orlova VV, Choi EY, Kaul S, Kruhlak MJ, Alatsatianos M, Deangelis RA,

Roche PA, Magotti P, Li X, Economopoulou M, Rafail S, Lambris JD, Chavakis T. Complement-

mediated inhibition of neovascularization reveals a point of convergence between innate

immunity and angiogenesis. Blood. 2010;116:4395-4403. Epub 2010 Jul 12.


Economopoulou M *, Langer HF *, Celeste A, Orlova VV, Choi EY, Ma M, Vassilopoulos A,

Callen E, Deng C, Bassing CH, Boehm M, Nussenzweig A, Chavakis T: Histone H2AX is integral

to hypoxia-driven neovascularization. Nat Med 2009;15:553-558. * equal contribution

Choi EY, Chavakis E, Czabanka MA, Langer HF, Fraemohs L, Economopoulou M, Kundu RK,

Orlandi A, Zheng YY, Prieto DA, Ballantyne CM, Constant SL, Aird WC, Papayannopoulou T,

Gahmberg CG, Udey MC, Vajkoczy P, Quertermous T, Dimmeler S, Weber C, Chavakis T: Del-1,

an endogenous leukocyte-endothelial adhesion inhibitor, limits inflammatory cell recruitment.

Science 2008;322:1101-1104.


Stellos K, Langer H, Daub K, Schoenberger T, Gauss A, Geisler T, Bigalke B, Mueller I, Schumm

M, Schaefer I, Seizer P, Kraemer BF, Siegel-Axel D, May AE, Lindemann S, Gawaz M: Platelet-

derived stromal cell-derived factor-1 regulates adhesion and promotes differentiation of human

CD34+ cells to endothelial progenitor cells. Circulation 2008;117:206-215.


Langer HF, Haubner R, Pichler BJ, Gawaz M: Radionuclide imaging: a molecular key to the

atherosclerotic plaque. J Am Coll Cardiol 2008;52:1-12.


Langer HF, Daub K, Braun G, Schonberger T, May AE, Schaller M, Stein GM, Stellos K,

Bueltmann A, Siegel-Axel D, Wendel HP, Aebert H, Roecken M, Seizer P, Santoso S,

Wesselborg S, Brossart P, Gawaz M: Platelets recruit human dendritic cells via Mac-1/JAM-C

interaction and modulate dendritic cell function in vitro. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol



Langer H, May AE, Daub K, Heinzmann U, Lang P, Schumm M, Vestweber D, Massberg S,

Schonberger T, Pfisterer I, Hatzopoulos AK, Gawaz M: Adherent platelets recruit and induce

differentiation of murine embryonic endothelial progenitor cells to mature endothelial cells in vitro.

Circ Res 2006;98:e2-10.


Gawaz M, Langer,H, May,AE. Platelets in inflammation and atherogenesis. J Clin Invest




Scientific Awards

2014 Spokesperson 2nd period KFO 274 of the DFG (H. Langer)


2014 2. poster award at the International Platelet Meeting of the KFO 274 Tuebingen (H.



2014 Otto-Hess award for the best poster presentation (2nd) of the German Cardiac Society

(DGK), (H. Nording)


2013 Eberhard-Betz poster award of the German Society of Atherosclerosis Research (DGAF),

(H. Nording)


2012 Poster award of Tuebingen Medical School research symposium (Medizinische Fakultät

Tübingen, H. Nording)


2012 Poster award 1st international platelet symposium, Tübingen (J. Patzelt)


2012 Rudi Busse Young Investigator Award of the (2nd) German Cardiac Society (DGK), (R.



2011 Lichtenbergrpofessorship of the Volkswagenfoundation (H. Langer)

Coordinator KFO 274 of the DFG (H. Langer)


2009 Fellow Award of Research Excellence (FARE) of the National Institute of Health (NIH),

(H. Langer)


2007 Research Award of the County Rheinland-Pfalz for the replacement or reduction of

animal experiments(H. Langer)


PostDoc Stipend German Academy of Sciences (H. Langer)


Karin-Nolte Research Award (H. Langer)


2006 Ursula-M.-Händel Tierschutzpreis of the German Research Foundation (H. Langer)


Pfizerstipendium of the German Society for Cardiology (H. Langer)


2005 Poster award of the Südwestdeutsche Gesellschaft für Innere Medizin (H. Langer)

August Wilhelm und Liselotte Becht-Research Award of the German foundation for heart

research (H. Langer)


2004 G. Schettler-Award of the German association for research in atherosclerosis (H. Langer)



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