Self Case Study Examples

Reedley Primary School (Innovative Practice)

We wanted to give the children a 'real life' experience to assist their economic education and encourage their aspirations.

The main focus was to select and apply for a job, go to work for a day, get paid and organise finances just like we do in the real world! We wanted the children to understand why it was important to work for a living.

Monday – Job Application
Over 20 jobs were advertised. KS2 children applied for a job.

Tuesday – Interviews
Successful candidates attended a 'real' interview. Unsuccessful children had circle time to discuss feelings of rejection. They were then given the opportunity to sign up for night school – a chance to improve.

Wednesday – Work
Children went to work or night school!

Thursday – Pay Day
All workers received their wage. Night school attendees were given a grant and the rest collected a small amount from the government!

The children had to pay for everything - playtime cost 5 Reedley pounds! There were opportunities to spend money on luxury activities i.e. Cinema, Cyber Café.

Friday – Reflections
The children had time to reflect, celebrate and aspire by dressing up in 'career clothes'!

The project had a huge impact on children and staff alike. The children learnt so much about the world of work; it introduced them to new feelings and emotions and gave plenty of enjoyment.

A lot of people are stuck in their careers or have failed to establish their careers in this terrible economy. The unemployment rate has been stagnant and the competition is endless. When I first started my career, I realized very quickly that it would be hard to get my first internship, consulting gig and job without experience so I did something that I think you can all take advantage of. I turned myself into a case study and then used that case study to break in and generate new opportunities.

What does it mean to turn yourself into a case study? It simply means that you do what you would be doing for a company for yourself first. This way, you can test different strategies out on yourself, measure your success and then convince a company that you can show them similar results. This strategy works out really well when you are either just starting out in your career or you’re looking to make a career change.

If you’re in one business function and want to jump to a completely different one, it’s a challenge because you don’t have experience to bridge yourself into that new role. You can counter that by taking on personal projects that allow you to test your skills, learn from your mistakes, improve and turn yourself into a strong product that you can market to current or future employers.

For example, I was able to start a freelance web design firm in college by showcasing websites that I had designed for myself. I had a James Bond 007 website and one that I made in high school to keep in touch with my close friends. I leveraged these as case studies to secure clients. Another example was when I was hired to be EMC’s first social media employee after creating a successful blog and online magazine. They saw that I could use the tools for my own personal benefit and realized that I could leverage those same tools for their benefit.

When you have no experience or are looking to make a career change, using yourself as a case study is one strategy that can bail you out and help you form a foundation to build on.

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