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She gets home from a long day of school and work, but she’s ready to throw some heels on and go out for a drink. Skyy vodka is a product intended to quench the thirst of an individual that’s ready to have an alcoholic drink, but still maintain the classy appeal. It’s slender, sleek look gives it a refreshing appeal that attracts a wide spectrum of customers. Skyy Vodka advertisements are featured in many magazines and are particularly scattered multiple times throughout the magazine, cosmopolitan.

The marketing for this product is very effective in its approach considering it uses sex appeal. It was placed in a magazine that has a wide variety of young adult readers, most of which buy the magazine for the sex appeal it offers. This ad use’s a pathos appeal because it’s playing off the readers emotions to the sexuality and sleekness of the model and product being displayed in the advertisement. The advertisement is a full page with little text. It has vivid fiery eye catching colors.

Skyy Vodka bottle is being gently iced by a well manicured hand. The bottle is a sharp navy blue with silver print, bolding the Skyy text for emphasize and the entire ad is featured with a red background. A translucent crisp cube of ice is being held by the hand of a woman with long red nails. Skyy Vodka advertisement’s blue and red contrast speak volumes about what this product is trying to tell customers: that Skyy Vodka makes you cool, calm, sleek, and collective even in the zestiest situations.

It achieves it message by adding sublet touches in the picture such as the droplets of water melting away from the ice onto the woman’s well groomed hand and the Skyy Vodka bottle. This is a simplistic ad that’s intended for the imagery to convey its message. There is a heavy pathos appeal to this advertisement. The objective of this ad is to show sex appeal that makes consumer’s who are of drinking age want to purchase this product, through an emotional connection of desire to achieve this. That if they purchase Skyy Vodka they will become sexy and fiery just like the hand in the advertisement.

The advertiser’s most likely chose to display the bottle in a close up shot with a well manicured hand to still achieve a sex appeal but not turning consumers away with unrealistic expectations in full body shots or face shots. Consumer’s wanted to look at the product and believe that they too can achieve what is being offered. The type of consumer that this advertisement is intended to reach is the early 20’s too late adulthood demographic, but more so the early 20’s. The advertiser wanted to attract a young and youthful crowd that has the time to go out for drinks.

Cosmopolitan is a great magazine to display this product because it is on target with the type of demographic that Skyy Vodka would appeal the most to. According to cosmopolitan’s published demographic profile, majority of its readers are between the ages of 18-34 years of age and most of which are single educated women (Cosmopolitan Media Kit). Cosmopolitan is the perfect magazine to place an advertisement for Skyy Vodka. It will display a seductive scenario with the product that will focus the young adult demographic, both male and female, that have just newly have become of drinking age.

The advertisement follows a creative appeal that is intended to state a simplistic message from creators to advertiser’s to consumers. As the eye of the reader moves from the top corner to the bottom corner, skimming over the advertisement, they will emotionally connect with the intensified and detailed aspects being displayed. The women that view this advertisement in the pages of cosmopolitan will look onto it and emotionally connect with the sex appeal it gives and desire to achieve that sex appeal.

Meanwhile the male readers of cosmopolitan will look onto this advertisement and want to purchase the product because they want to successfully achieve the type of women that this product attracts. Overall the advertiser’s did a good job conveying a pathos appeal to the potential consumers for Skyy Vodka through the readers of cosmopolitan. This is a memorable ad that will keep Skyy Vodka in the consumer’s interests when they want a classy and calm night out, perfect for the sophisticated reader’s of cosmopolitan.

''Our aim is for Skyy to own the color blue,'' Mr. Kanbar said. So the ads present objects unexpectedly colored blue, to prompt consumers to order Skyy versions of their favorite drinks. A blue bear, for example, promotes the Blue Russian, Skyy's take on the Black Russian, and a blue dog pitches the Bluehound, a Skyy Greyhound.

A blue tornado hawks the Blue Twist, Skyy with a twist of lemon. Blue Rocks is, of course, Skyy over ice. And a Blue Screw is a Skyy screwdriver, with the orange juice, thankfully, still orange. All the ads declare that ''for exceptionally clean, clear vodka'' drinkers should, well, ''always reach for the Skyy.''

The drink-focused approach ''makes for an easy 'call' at the bar,'' Mr. Kanbar said, ''which helps the brand.'' And Skyy has already laid claim to blue, he added, by coloring its bottles a distinctive cobalt shade of that color.

''What would you put a vodka named Skyy in, a purple bottle?'' Mr. Kanbar asked rhetorically. Besides, he said, the name was inspired by ''looking one day at the great San Francisco sky.'' As for the extra ''y,'' he added, laughing, ''Maybe I got it from Exxon.''

As clever as the colorful, color-filled Skyy puns may be, Riney confronts one of the most phenomenally successful long-running campaigns ever: the Absolut ads created by the TBWA Chiat/Day unit of Omnicom Group in New York.

''It's a tough category and an interesting challenge,'' said Gerry Andelin, creative director and art director at Riney, who produced the Skyy ads with Paul Mimiaga, creative director and senior copywriter.

Mr. Andelin praised the ''staying power of the wonderful campaign'' for Absolut, adding that it was ''what we wanted to shoot for'' in ''being recognized by the community you work in and by the consumer.''

Mr. Mimiaga was sanguine about that competition. ''We think people will still enjoy Absolut ads,'' he said, ''while they're drinking Skyy.''

The Skyy ads run in the March and April issues of 15 to 18 magazines. Among them, said David Verklin, executive vice president and managing director at Riney, are The Advocate, Details and Outside, as well as the premier issues of Icon and Maxim, aimed at younger men.

''It's a bimodal media planning approach,'' Mr. Verklin said, ''attempting to cover the Cary Grant part of the market and the grunge part of the market.''

Skyy is Riney's first liquor account, though the agency has handled wine and brandy brands for E.& J. Gallo. Beverages are a Riney specialty, in categories like beer, coffee and bottled water.

Speaking of beer, Riney has amicably parted ways with the Stroh Brewery Company unit of the Stroh Companies, which shifted several brands like Old Milwaukee and Schlitz to W. B. Doner & Company in Baltimore and Southfield, Mich. Billings were estimated at $5 million.

Lacey Logan, a spokeswoman for Stroh in Detroit, confirmed reports of the change this week in Advertising Age and Adweek. The shift consolidates Stroh's general market account at Doner, she said yesterday, which has handled brands like Old Style beer and Colt 45 malt liquor.

The change may free Riney to work for the Miller Brewing Company division of the Philip Morris Companies. Jack Rooney, Miller's new vice president for marketing, once worked at Riney.

Marketing fans may recall Hamm's beer, billed as from ''the land of sky blue waters.'' Perhaps Riney will adapt that for a vodka ad.

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