Essay On Positive And Negative Peer Pressure

Positive Effects Of Peer Pressure Essay

Positive Effects of Peer Pressure
When you think of the words “peer pressure’, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Majority of us would say that peer pressure is an influence from friends or classmates to do something risky that results in delinquent activities. Some people conform to such ways because as they say, “Everyone is doing it.” What if I told you that there is a positive side to peer pressure? Yes, you can be pressured into making the right choices. It can teach you to be mature, responsible and do what’s right all the time for yourself depending on the crowd you choose to hang with. Everyday your behavior is influenced my negative and positive approaches of others whether it’s at school or at work. Knowing how peer pressure can be positive is important as well as what it can do to improve not only children but adults as well.
First of all, our friends and classmates play the biggest role in peer pressure. We all wonder who our true friends are. There are people who pretend to be our friends and those are the ones that we have to watch out for. They will try to bring you down to their level of immaturity especially if you want to be a part of the popular crowd. Your true friends will bombard you and ask you if you feel that you are making the right choices. If it makes you think about the situation that you are putting yourself in then that is the start of positive peer pressure taking its course. True friends will pressure you to do what’s right instead of doing what you know within yourself is wrong. They are your rescuers from screwing up your life. Your fake friends will down you but your true friends will motivate you. The more positive friends you have, the more you will build yourself to be positive just like them because all your friends are smart, responsible and mature.
In the meantime, let’s travel back to the time we all were in high school. It’s been about 3 years for me. I have been pressured a lot to do...

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Before understanding the effects of peer pressure, it is important to understand the term in detail. It is considered as a situation wherein people get influenced by the thought process or the way of life of their peers. Peer pressure can exert a positive effect or it may also have a negative effect on the personality of the individual. In the materialistic world of today, happiness is quantified in terms of wealth and expensive items a person can buy. Unhealthy comparisons are carried out creating peer pressure among the people.

Negative effects:

Herd mentality: You may not like a certain idea or the professional field but forced to join the rat race because peers are also treading the same path. It is an extremely dangerous trend that can ruin the career of a person and rob him or her of independent thinking. The probability of failure is extremely high because the person cannot put the heart and soul in the work.

Artificial lifestyle: People trying to emulate the lifestyle of others due to peer pressure are forced to do things that they hate. For instance partying during the weekend or visiting five-star hotels when the budget doesn’t allow can create unpleasant situations. Teenagers are vulnerable to peer pressure as they resort to smoking and drinking because it is termed fashionable. Ensuing lifestyle can have a debilitating effect on the person ruining both professional as well as personal life.

Loss of rational thinking: People influenced by peer pressure cannot think rationally because they try to imitate others. All their efforts and resources are wasted in meeting the futile objectives. Some celebrities have fans that blindly follow them and go to any extent in order to look like them. The craziness might even lead to loss of health and life in the moment of sheer madness.

Positive effects:

Self-introspection: Peer pressure can have a positive effect on the individuals. They can learn from the frugal habits of others and incorporate them into their lifestyle. In addition, you can also have positive thought process by seeing how other are coping with the challenges of life.

Exposure: The man is a social animal; therefore, peer pressure is bound to affect the person in one way or the other. It allows people to get exposed to new ideas and technology prevalent in the market. Governments of countries can learn from each other about the economic development and improve the condition of their masses.

Enhancing the personality: If the peer group of a person is good, it can have a far-reaching effect on the personality. He or she can copy the good values of the peers and include them into the life. True friends never try to compete with each other but inspire their fellow beings to achieve greater heights. Positive encouragement from them would bring about constructive changes in your personality.


Peer pressure can be negative and positive however it depends on the individual to emulate the good points and leave out the bad ones.


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