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Building My Dream Computer My Dream Machine Being that I have never even considered building my own computer prior to taking this class, this is a whole new world for me. In all the times I’d purchased a new system from a “big box” retailer had not really stopped to consider that I could get more capabilities, power, and access if I’d build the system to according to my own personal needs versus just some generic system that will be obsolete 12 months later (if that). The biggest thing that would concern me about building my sytem, aside form the build it’s self was price and compatability of the parts When I started researching how I would build a PC, one of my Frst stops online was to On this site you could pick the individual components of your computer and the site would automatically check and make recommendations based on compatability. One of the Frst step in building this system is to examine exactly what I need it for in the Frst place. I am not at all what could be thought of as a gamer but I do play games online from time to time and spend a lot more time than I should on social media and you tube watching cute kitten videos so the Frst thing that comes to mind is the need for a nice sized, high resolution, high deFnition screen. I also listen to and have a ton of music Fles so a nice set of speakers would be good but more than that I’d need memory to hold those Fles as well as all of my picutres and important digital documents as well. I am also a perpetual student, seemilngly always in one class or another, so I need to be able to have fast access to the internet, and have the ability to have that nice fast processing despite having several programs and windows open at the same time. I’ll also need access to MS O±ce suite to be

Building Custom Gaming Computers 101

This is an introduction to building your own custom gaming computers to play the latest games. Building your own PC is the way to go if you want the best performance for gaming, and at the best value. Despite what some people may tell you, it is quite straightforward and easy to do.

If this is your first time building a custom computer, building custom gaming computers simply involves selecting and buying all your computer components separately and then installing them one by one. If you choose the right parts you will end up with a fast, cost-effective gaming computer capable of playing the latest PC game releases.

Advantages to Building Your Own

There are many good reasons to go custom. These are the main advantages of building your own custom gaming PC as opposed to buying a pre-built system:

  • Better performance. If you want a high-performance gaming PC tailored to your gaming needs, building your own machine is the best way to go about it.
  • Save money. By shopping around for quality components at good prices you can save quite a bit of money. Building a custom gaming PC is usually a lot more cost-effective than buying a pre-built system.
  • Learning Experience. Whilst choosing your components and building your gaming computer, you are bound to learn a lot of valuable information about PC hardware and how computers work on the inside.

As you can see, there are great reasons why someone would want to build their own custom gaming computer. On top of all that, you will feel great after having built your own custom machine all by yourself.

If you haven't built your own machine before, I would definitely encourage you to build your next setup. No matter what some people say, it really isn't difficult at all and the money you will save is quite significant for most people.

These days installation is a breeze and for the majority of the parts it's simply a matter of following the instructions that came with it.

Choosing Your Components

How do you go about choosing the right components for your needs? How do you know which component is best for you? How do they all work together?

The following buying guides for each component will hopefully clear up the confusion on what you need to know to choose the best parts for your custom gaming build. Or if you're looking for specific part recommendations you can skip to the Recommended Gaming Desktop Computer Builds.

Core Components For A Gaming Build

On top of these core components, for a complete working system you will also need a mouse, keyboard, monitor, DVD burner/drive (or a blu-ray burner/drive), and also operating system software such as Windows 7. You may also need an aftermarket CPU cooler, especially if you plan on overclocking your CPU, but most CPUs come with their own stock fan and many people do fine with that.

We all know computer technology advances at quite a fast rate, so it's a good idea to build custom gaming computers that are somewhat future-proof. Obviously, the better the parts you get, the longer your system will last you without having to upgrade or buy a new system. But also when choosing components you should think ahead for any upgrades that you plan to make in the future and make sure you choose parts that will let you do this.

Having read this introduction to building your own gaming PC, you are now ready to start choosing your own components and build your dream gaming machine. The hardware guides and build examples on this site are here to help if you get stuck. Good luck!

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