Gcse Art Coursework Requirements To Run

Be inspired and explore your creativity! This IGCSE art course is run by an energetic and enthusiastic qualified art teacher in her weekly live interactive lessons. If you can't make our timetabled lessons then you can study independently with dedicated teacher support and you can also view all weekly lessons in our archive.


You will also have access to our specialist tutor team who are practicing artists and freelance commercial designers. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist or designer, you'll be able to extend your technical skills and build confidence in your creative ability. You will be encouraged to explore materials, approaches and techniques towards final outcomes.


The course is run over two fun years. In year one (starting at any time) you will gain confidence in drawing, painting and sculpture. You will also make connections between your own work and the work of other artists and designers. In year two you will use your new skills, knowledge and understanding to express yourself in a themed project in preparation for the exam later in the year. You will also be asked to write (Component 3) an essay of 1500 - 2000 words about an artwork or art movement. (Not for you? Try Level 2 Certificate In Art & Design - It's equivalent to IGCSE but has no exam or essay.


Want to study the course in one year? No problem see intensive one year course fee below.


The final grade for the qualification relies upon success in a critical and historical assignment (component 3) and a final exam project (component 1) and so preparation for these is a key aim of your tuition and a key role of your tutor. Lessons and tuition can be arranged with your tutor at mutually convenient times. It may be useful to send your tutor a copy of your study plan or lesson timetable for all other subjects (if applicable) so that they are aware of what you are taking on each week and so they can help you to realistically schedule your art study.


Our examination centres will provide you with an exam timetable with the key dates for sending paperwork and information about the exam weekend. They will also send you and your tutor a copy of your exam paper. The exam paper will ask you to build an art project around a particular theme over a period of 6 weeks. At the end of the six weeks preparation period you will have 8 hours (4 hours a day x 2 days) to make a final piece that relates to your project.


Equaly valuable, graduates achieve a specialist portfolio that expresses their personal brand of art and design, enabling access to our Foundation Diploma In Art & Design which will fasttrack you to top universities and employment as a professional qualified Artist or Designer.

Project structure

At the end of the course you submit a portfolio of evidence, representing around 45 hours of work. This is normally made up of two coursework projects. A project includes preparatory studies and a final piece.

A project is the work you do exploring a theme or brief. It includes your preparatory work, normally in the form of a sketchbook, and a final piece. You need to show you have met all the assessment objectives in each project.

Although you can attempt the assessment objectives in any order, it is advisable to work methodically through a project. An example of how you could structure your project is below:

  • AO3 - Initial ideas and response to the theme (spider diagrams and quick notes or drawings)
  • AO3 - Drawing (from observation in a variety of materials) and photographs
  • AO1 - Research into relevant artists
  • AO2 - Experimentation and developing ideas for a final piece
  • AO4 - Final piece (10 hours)

Find out more about the Assessment Objectives.

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