Effet Seebeck Explication Essay

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Using the Boltzmann transport equation, expressions for the electrical and thermal current densities in metallic films have been obtained previously. The expressions assumed that the relaxation time τ is constant in a second order approximation. In this paper, an analysis of transport properties has been carried out using a general energy dependence of the relaxation time, τ=aEb. It has been shown by the analysis that if there should be a size effect in the electrical conductivity, but the Seebeck coefficient is independent of size. From the given variation of δFB and QF/QB with the thickness of the film, the value of b, the energy dependence parameter, can be estimated. An estimation of b reveals information about the predominant scattering mechanism in metallic films. The experimentally observed size effect of the Seebeck coefficient in potassium has been compared with computed values.

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